Frequently Asked Questions

If the claim is submitted before the 1st Monday of the month, the review process will start the following day and clients will be notified approximately 2 weeks after the claim is reviewed. Claims are reviewed on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  If you have an emergency need you should call us at 260-701-0533

We always need volunteers.  Volunteering just 4 hours a year can make a huge difference.  We have several fundraisers each year and rely on volunteers.  Please leave your information under “Contact Us” or call us at 260-701-0533

The person must be an Adams County resident (proof of residency may be required) and the person must be either receiving treatment for cancer or in hospice care with a cancer diagnosis.

A person may ask for up to $1000 per request.  At this time, we have a $2000 cap per individual per year and a lifetime cap of $5000 per person.